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12/30/2020 Koordinierung der Berliner Register

English: Annual report, 2019, of the Berliner Register

The 2019 Comparative Assessment for Berlin includes data from all 12 Berlin districts, with an evaluation of a total 3,277 incidents (2018: 3,405) recorded by the Register Offices, the victim advisory service ReachOut and other cooperation partners by the end of February 2020. On average, 9 incidents per day were recorded, similar to 2018 figures. Mitte remains the district in which the highest number of incidents was documented: 645 incidents in 2019 (2018: 495). With 95 incidents (2018: 78), Spandau remains the district with the lowest number of recorded incidents. 50 % of all incidents (1595) are cases of propaganda. This includes stickers, sprayed slogans, swastikas or posters. In substantive terms, most of the reported incidents could be classified within the categories of racism (1,337 incidents, 42%) and anti-Semitism (598 incidents, 18%).

At first glance, the data for 2019 seem unspectacular because there are few obvious differences to 2018. The total number of incidents, quantitative distribution by districts, the main motives and the distribution of incident types are similar to those in the previous year. There have nevertheless been some changes. Major developments compared to 2018 are:

  1. A decline in the number of anti-Semitic incidents and a simultaneous increase in the threat levels for Jewish people
  2. Doubling of anti-LGBTIQ* incidents
  3. 28% increase in racist attacks
  4. Higher number of demonstrations, but with fewer participants than in the previous year
  5. An increase in reports from new cooperation partners concerning discrimination by public authorities and institutions.
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