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What do the Berliner Register do?

We, the Berliner Register, want to take action against discrimination and exclusion. We therefore document incidents that happen in everyday life in Berlin, make them visible, and we gain allies to take action against them.

We record incidents of the following forms of discrimination: racism, antisemitism, anti-feminism, activities organized by the extreme right and hostility against LGBTIQ* people, people with disabilities and homeless people.

We document, for example, threats, insults, bullying, physical attacks, discrimination by authorities, racist controls by the police, stickers, flyers, spray-painting, events and damage to property that can be attributed to one of the above forms of discrimination (e.g. racism, antisemitism, etc.).

We collect these reports, publish them as entries in the chronicle on our website and evaluate them once a year. The results of our monitoring can be used by politicians, public servants of the city and state administration or politically engaged initiatives in their decision-making. They can then develop measures to take targeted action against discrimination and exclusion.

We work independently of government agencies and the police. You can contact us anonymously. Reporting an incident to us is free of charge. You can report your experiences and observations in the language of your choice:

Our chronicle

It is important for those who face discrimination and violence to be able to give an account of their experiences and to be taken seriously when they report such incidents. We publish the incidents for each district individually in our chronicle. This way, neighbors are informed about such incidents and solidarity can be forged with and among people who experience discrimination and exclusion.

You can take a look at our chronicle in German.

Our results

We evaluate all incidents every year in each district in Berlin. This results in statistics on, for example, which form of discrimination is particularly common or where the extreme right is most active in the city.

Every spring, we publish one evaluation per district and one for all of Berlin in German.

Every summer, we publish an annual report with the key points of the previous year in German and in English.

Contact to the registry in your district

There is a Register and many points of contact in every district in Berlin. Points of contact are, for example, local shops in the neighborhood, non-profit organizations, community centers and offices of the members of parliament.

You can contact the Berliner Register directly in your district.

Funding and transparency

We, the Berliner Register, receive funding from the state of Berlin program, ‘Democracy. Diversity. Respect. Against Right-Wing Extremism, Racism and Anti-Semitism’ of the Senate Department for Justice, Consumer Protection and Anti-Discrimination as well as from district funds. The register offices are located in each district at a different sponsoring non-profit organization. The coordination office for the Berliner Register is run by ‘pad gGmbH’ which is a not-for-profit company.

Here you can find more information about the project in detail in German.

Do you need counseling?

We, the Berliner Register, can help you find a suitable counseling center:

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